Friday, June 9, 2017

I Am From Poems

For the past two years we have incorporated Mad Libs into our learning as we explored nouns, verbs and adjectives.  Mad Libs are some of the children's favorite parts during the day.  We used this same concept to create the I Am From poems.  I sat with each child and asked them for traditions, sayings, dreams, etc.  I then typed up responses and as a class we shared them.  Here is the complete set of 23.  I forgot to add mine in the PDF and the students said it was not complete, so here is my sample.

I Am From
By:  Jenny Walter

I am from warming up in front of the wood stove after a bath, 
card games at the kitchen table and daily family dinner at 5pm, 
Saturday morning cartoons and driveway chalk cities with the neighbors, 
Constant fire burning in the fire pit is where I am from.

I am from "We believe in you,"
and "Use your manners."
From my mom and dad 
Saying, "I love you," and "We are so proud of the person that you are."

I am from fireworks at the Valley Camp, 
sledding at the college and camping throughout the U.P.
Hobo dinners and fresh white fish, 
1pm Sunday family picnics is where I am from.

I am from mom's masterful gardens, 
Jody's NKOTB wallpapered room, 
Dad's dusty work boots from a hard day on the job, 
And daily phone calls to check in is where I am from.