Classroom Basics

For the safety of all students, anytime you are in the building after 9am, check in the office and place a RED Westwoods sticker on your clothing.  This reassures staff and students that you are where you are suppose to be.  

Special Schedule:

Monday:  P.E.
Tuesday:  Music
Wednesday:  P.E. and Art
Thursday:  Library
Friday:  Music and P.E.

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Attendance/Absences: Please send any correspondence about attendance to the office either via email or the good old fashion pen and paper. This information will be communicated to me through the office staff as well as recorded into our records. You can email and or call the office at 933-7971.

End of the Day Arrangements: Any end of the day changes for your child need to also be communicated to the office as early in the day as possible. The office staff will again communicate this information to me and following this process will ensure your child gets to the proper destination without a hitch. Please call 933-7970 for all changes with your child’s end of the day arrangements.

Drop Off:  ALL students will be going to the playground to start their day.  Social development is a huge part of school and this time will provide all students the opportunity to interact with peers and get to know other students in the building.  A whistle will blow and Kindergarten and 1st grade students will line up at the doors about 8:43. These students will be dismissed into the hallway to make their way safely to their classroom before the remainder of the students.  You are welcome to join your child on the playground and in line to the classroom.  This is a fun time to watch your child interact with others and see their amazing social development unfold.  However, we are working on building independence, please allow them the opportunity to put their backpacks away, get out their materials and check in for the day.  I know they will need reminders and support and we can give them just that, we want them to feel confident in taking care of their own needs and starting their day!  

**If you wish to avoid the playground, you will need to drop your child off or walk your child into school at 8:45 when the bell rings.  At 8:45, please feel free to use the main entrance.** 

Breakfast:  If your child is eating breakfast at school, please remind them to come in right off the bus or immediately when they are dropped off in the car line.  Breakfast is servered starting at 8:30.  We want them to have enough time to eat before their school day begins.  

Pick up: Please wait by the office for your child to come to you or meet them in the car line. This will help students in the building maximize the most learning time available to them.

Backpacks: Please check your child's backpack daily. We will send home any work your child has completed, field trip forms, phonics and math homework, other school information this way.

Playground: Your child will have 2 recesses a day. One right after lunch and one mid-afternoon. Please be sure seasonally appropriate attire is sent to school along with close toed shoes. Winter can be cold and wet here in Northern Michigan so please feel free to have spare socks in a labeled plastic bag in your child's locker. You can help your child feel successful by reminding them the order we get dressed in at school: snow pants, boots, hat, jacket (zip jacket) then last gloves or mittens. Our goal is building independence with getting dressed.

Lunch money: Please write your child’s name, teacher’s name and date on an envelope before turning it in. You can pay daily, weekly or just a flat amount each time. Please visit to see more options about lunch payments.

Snacks: Your child will need 2 healthy snacks a day. We use these snacks as brain food to help us sustain effort in the mid morning and mid afternoon. Please refrain from chips, candy, fruit snacks, pop tarts, etc. Here are a few healthy options: nuts, fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, yogurt, crackers, graham crackers.  Students may be confused between lunch and snacks so please label them or store them in a separate location.

Gym Shoes: You child will need gym shoes that stay at school in their locker. Please remember if your child cannot tie yet, Velcro is a great option. Anxiety can build when a child feels pressured to perform a new skill in a limited amount of time.

Art Smock:  We will be doing lots of art projects and get a little messy.  Please have an over sized shirt that can stay at school in your child's locker. 

Water Bottles:  Please send in a water bottle for your child to use to help keep them hydrated.  I will be sure to send them home on a regular basis to get a good cleaning.

Your child may bring in a birthday treat to share.  However, please refrain from sending in cupcakes.  We have had many cupcake disasters over the years, so please send in an alternate treat.  Your child may choose to share a non-food treat instead; a pencil, sticker, eraser, etc..  Thank-you for your understanding.   I send the treats with the children to the cafeteria where they can enjoy them after their lunch so please have the treat at school by 10:30. Please package the treats in individual bags for easy distribution. If your child has a summer birthday, you may send a treat on their half birthday.

Here are some alternative items:

·       A book for the classroom
·       A donated game for indoor recess
·       Pencils
·       Playdough
·       Erasers
·       Stickers
·       Craft items for indoor recess

Birthday Invitations:  If you are inviting all of the students in the class, you may send invitations to school to go home in backpacks.  If you are not inviting all of the students in the class, please use the postal mail.  We do not want any tears or hard feelings.  Thank you for your understanding.