Saturday, February 18, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mercy Watson Party

We finished our series with Mercy Watson.  This pig from Deckawoo Drive loves a good chase and toast with a great deal of butter.  The students in our class loved getting to know the characters in the series and earned themselves a Mercy Watson party complete with toast with a great deal of butter.  Friday we cheered for our love for the series and maybe wept a little too because it was over, those emotions are signs of great writing as well as great comprehension on the students part.  Where will read aloud take us next?  I have a feeling Henry Green will be surfacing soon with his love for chocolate but shhhh, I haven't told the students.


January's STEM Project

January's optional S.T.E.M. projects have been my favorite so far.  These kids are incredibly creative and such amazing problem solvers.  The goal of this month's project was to make something to wear.  We had: shoes, sandals, a necklace, mittens, a cape, aprons and earrings.  Their peers were in awe of their think out side of the box ideas!  Cheers to these engineering geniuses.  These projects are always optional and never have a due date, please feel free to encourage your child to complete the challenge if they still want to.  Stay tuned for February's challenge!