Friday, February 16, 2018

Goodbye Larkin

Larkin, Mrs. Bank’s leader dog in training came into say goodbye to the students.  Larkin is leaving today for doggie university for the next stage of his leader dog training.  Best of luck Larkin, you will be missed!

Heart Healthy activities with Ms. Juli

We celebrated Valentine’s Day a few days late with heart healthy activities with Ms. Juli. We tried strawberries with some delicious dip for a healthy snack. We did ABC yoga and practiced many poses that were familiar to students:  downward dog, tree, mountain, etc. Ask your child to demonstrate some of these, let them teach you how to calm your body!  Namaste 🙏 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Math Partner Practice

You may have noticed your child talking about number partners.  It is a hot topic in our classroom. 😁 students are loving solving all the number partners for numbers 2-6 and many are even writing the matching equations.  

Questions you can ask your child about number partners:

What are number partners?
What are switch partners?

Students Take Over SeeSaw

Students have taken over SeeSaw and are working hard to video each other, take pictures of their work and record their learning to share with their families. Please hang in there with the shakiness of the camera, perhaps blurry photographs and audio garble.  Just like all the other types of learning in the classroom, students are working on refining their knowledge and sharing their new understanding with their peers.  

Writing development

Students love sharing information they know or learned with their peers.  Check out these amazing samples where students stretched sounds, added spaces and used the lines to communicate their ideas.