Thursday, March 22, 2018

Our last mystery reader in March

Mr.  Nolan joined us for a final mystery reader appearance before break.  Mrs. Johnson’s class was lucky 🍀 enough to join in the fun.  Stand Back said the elephant I’m going to sneeze.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Classroom collaboration

The students in Mrs. McNitt’s room joined us to make a collaborative art project for the up coming art auction.  Students took turns rotating into Mrs. McNitt’s room and our room for buddy reading!  

Special Guest Author

Jennifer Strauss, a Michigan author visited Westwoods today to talk to the students about writing.  Jennifer is a former teacher and now travels the country presenting to schools on writing. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Partner reading minutes add up

Students are loving racking up those reading minutes and sharing their reading, connections and let be for reading.  

Mystery Reader #9

Mystery reader #9 was Mr. Winterer.  He shared an amazing book called Amos and Boris.  The students loved this story and thinking about the author's purpose.  This higher level thinking is such fun with these 5 and 6 year olds.  When you read to your child, ask them what they think the author's purpose is and why do they think that!

Readers Make Connections

Students are sticky noting the pages where they made connections to the story.  They are able to share these connection with the class or with their reading partners.  We are practicing using Spinny the Spider who reminds us that reading is like a web, it connects to many parts of a reader’s life.  

Mystery reader #6

Mr.  Rob was mystery reader #6, he came in full flight suit to read The Secret Pizza Party.  Mr. Rob graciously answered all of the students questions about being a rescue swimmer.  

Mystery reader #8

Friday we wrapped up the day with Mr. Swartz as the mystery reader.  The students enjoyed Pirates Don’t Change Diapers.  

Mystery reader #7

Mrs.  Swartz read Zero to the class on Thursday as our mystery reader. What a great book about numbers and the value of everyone.  

Read a thon kick off and hallway read in

Don’t forget to activate those account to so the students can log their reading minutes.  

Math memory

Students are working on finding equal representations of numbers, here they are matching the expanded notation to the matching numeral.  This game is a great game to play at home.  Students say 10+6 is the same as 16 when they get their match.  

St. Patty’s fun

Finnley, her mother and her grandma Kathy joined the class for some Irish fun.  The students decorated their own St. Patty’s day crown.  Thank you Nolan family for this fun activity, we loved it!