Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer is wrapping up

Summer is already coming to an end as we prepare for the beginning of a new school year. It is time for me to return to kindergarten and a new group of students.  Thank you for subscribing to my blog to stay connected to our classroom.  Please unsubscribe to no longer receive notifications from me.  I hope you had a great summer and I look forward to seeing you and your second grader in the hallway!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Last day learning

     Students had 1.00 to spend at the Classroom Concessions and pay for their admission to the Wild Krats Habitat show.  Admission was 0.25 and then students had a menu of options to choose from.  They counted their money, figured out their change and enjoyed the show.  It was a great lesson for students to think and plan how to spend their money. Some were sad they spent their money and decided they wanted something else after consuming their purchase. Over all it was a blast.  

Friday, June 9, 2017

Wrapping up Fairy Tales

Students shared the fairy tales they wrote with peers
Awesome conversation and feedback from peers on our individual fairy tales
This group talked for a long time and shared ideas on how
to extend each other's fairy tale
Students use story maps that they recorded while listening to
the fairy tales to help them retell the story to peers.
Specific compliments were delivered from peers without prompting!
Many students shared with as many peers as they could in the allotted time.
Castle covers for our favorite fairy tale story map
Skeleton story map: students could use words, phrases or sentences 
Directed drawing of castles was a hit
Each castle was unique and had it's own flare
Many illustrated characters on the inside covers
Fairy tale creation, story maps, reading and excitement = a recipe for a great wrap up
to our final unit in CKLA.
Students could sketch, write words, phrases or sentences to
jog their memory of the fairy tales.  

I Am From Poems

For the past two years we have incorporated Mad Libs into our learning as we explored nouns, verbs and adjectives.  Mad Libs are some of the children's favorite parts during the day.  We used this same concept to create the I Am From poems.  I sat with each child and asked them for traditions, sayings, dreams, etc.  I then typed up responses and as a class we shared them.  Here is the complete set of 23.  I forgot to add mine in the PDF and the students said it was not complete, so here is my sample.

I Am From
By:  Jenny Walter

I am from warming up in front of the wood stove after a bath, 
card games at the kitchen table and daily family dinner at 5pm, 
Saturday morning cartoons and driveway chalk cities with the neighbors, 
Constant fire burning in the fire pit is where I am from.

I am from "We believe in you,"
and "Use your manners."
From my mom and dad 
Saying, "I love you," and "We are so proud of the person that you are."

I am from fireworks at the Valley Camp, 
sledding at the college and camping throughout the U.P.
Hobo dinners and fresh white fish, 
1pm Sunday family picnics is where I am from.

I am from mom's masterful gardens, 
Jody's NKOTB wallpapered room, 
Dad's dusty work boots from a hard day on the job, 
And daily phone calls to check in is where I am from.

Reading buddy games

We ended our last full day with some of our very favorite people.  Students played games with their Reading Buddies, ate popsicles and shared summer plans.  


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Butterfly release


Five butterflies have been released, two are still in chrysalis and we have two that did not make it through metemorphasis.  Student loved seeing the butterflies fly away and expore nature for the very first time.  Our painted ladies were beautiful and we loved learning about life cycles of butterflies, plants and other insects too.  

Math problem solving



2 digit addition games are a favorite and provide students with fun practice and an opportunity to share their thinking and check their understanding as they explain their thinking to their peers.  What is half?  This new game was a hit in the classroom.  Flip a card, draw a picture, find half, make an accurate statement about your picture.  i.e. Flip 7, student would say 3 1/2 is half of 7 or Half of 7 is 3 1/2.

Helping puzzled penguin


Puzzled Penguin has been struggling with adding 2 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers.  He has learned to regroup but often times he is not sure what that means or when to do it.  Students looked at a variety of problems Puzzled Penguin completed and talked with partners to brainstorm what misconception Puzzled Penguin had about regrouping.  A few students shared their thinking with the class and taught Puzzled Penguin that adding a group of 10 above or a group of 10 below is only necessary if the sum of the ones is greater than 9.  

Math exploration


Students love finding the errors in Puzzled Penguin's work and sharing their thinking with their math partners.  The 100s charts are a hit, students are filling in blank 100s charts using expanded notation, tens and ones and reading the numerical words and finding the correct location on the empty charts.  Mental math has worked its way into centers this week too!  Students spin and read the number to their partner and ask them to add or subtract 10 in their head.