Thursday, November 16, 2017

Abstract turkeys

A white sheet of paper, strips of brown, tan, light brown, beige and yellow strips of paper, an orange square, a pink square and a white rectangle = Abstract Turkey fun

A wrap up to the 5 senses

Last week we wrapped up our mini unit on the 5 Senses by closing our eyes and listening and smelling Mrs. Walter's surprise.  Students visualized places they have heard the sounds before and smelled the scent before.  They loved the popcorn surprise so they could use all 5 Senses to experience popcorn!

Halloween fun

Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers that helped make the Halloween Party possible.  The students loved the games and crafts that were made possible because of all of you!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Impulsive puppy and Shy snail visit

Students met a new friend this week with Mrs. Parker and Impulsive Puppy.  Shy Snail came out of his shell where the room was quiet enough for him to feel safe.  Shy Snail wanted to join in the classroom fun but loud, quick movements make him nervous.  Students practiced using whisper voices and moving their bodies in a controlled manner.  Ask them about the Follow Follow game they taught Shy Snail.  

Students write stories to share

Can you read this beginning writing?  Students are working hard to record the sounds that they know in words.  You will soon see spaces appear, accurate beginning and ending sounds.  Praise your child no matter where they are in the writing process and encourage them to say words slowly as they write.  Let them write grocery lists, thank you cards, letters to family or label the house!

Queen of Hearts

Apple Cider
Beach - Sea
Apple Cider
Fruit Fly House
Dance class - teacher

Listening challenge with Mrs. Sulecki

Students played a fun game with Mrs. Sulecki during our peace lesson.  Students had to do one motion and continue that motion until the person right before them changes.  I was in awe at their ability to wait, focus and follow directions to this challenging game.  

Writers add labels and captions

Writers are at a variety of stages in our classroom.  Here are some fabulous examples of writers being brave and labeling their work and adding captions to help their reader better understand their story.  Students love to use sticky notes and label the classroom too.  Give your child a pad of sticky notes and prepare to be surrounded by sticky note bliss.