Language Arts

Core Knowledge Language Arts:  a comprehensive English Language Arts program designed to teach students reading, writing, speaking, and listening, while developing deep vocabulary and broad background knowledge. In 1st grade, CKLA contains two strands: the Listening & Learning Strand and the Skills Strand. 

Listening & Learning Strand: Students develop deep vocabulary through building background knowledge. Teachers engage students in rich, text-based discussions that help them develop important listening and speaking skills even before proficiency in reading and writing. 

Skills Strand:  Students focus on decoding, encoding, grammar, handwriting, and writing. Writing instruction includes genre writing and the writing process. Students learn the code and develop fluency while interacting with unique decodable readers that are organized like chapter books and designed to develop a breadth of literacy skills while bolstering code comprehension.

Writing:  Daily writing will include handwriting, response writing, content writing in Science and Social Studies, genre writing (narrative, opinion, informational) and learning the writing process.

In addition to CKLA instruction students will participate in:

Independent Reading: Students read “just-right books”, (books they can read independently) they have chosen from our classroom library or guided reading books that the teacher has selected to support the child in their next level of learning. 

Partner Reading: Two students read together and discuss their reading.

Share: The whole class meets to share a strategy they used in their reading or their thinking about their Reading.